Call for papers on Great Power Competition

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Call for Papers
May 28, 2019
United States
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American History / Studies, Contemporary History, Military History, Political Science, Political History / Studies

The scholarly journal of the Marine Corps University Press, the Marine Corps University Journal, publishes biannual, thematic issues on various topics related to the military, history, political science, national security, international relations, and defense. We encourage newly emerging scholars to submit articles. All articles in our journal are peer reviewed by subject-matter experts.

Our Fall 2019 issue will have a broadly construed theme:

Great Power Competition

The editors are looking for articles that speak to how the U.S. military, particularly the Marine Corps, might fare in the face of peer competition, soft/hard power plays, and the changing character of war. Articles may discuss the topic from a historical or contemporary perspective from anywhere along the national security or international relations spectrum, particularly the role of amphibious troops, force readiness, and the role of such competitors as Russia, China, and others.

Submissions must be received no later than April 2019 for consideration of inclusion in the Fall 2019 issue. 

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Contact the managing editor of Marine Corps University Journal, Jason Gosnell.

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