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Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Tel Aviv University

Markets, Politics, Ethics,
and the Law in the United States

The Center for the Study of the United States in Partnership with the Fulbright Program and
the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Tel Aviv University are delighted to announce two
new post-doctoral fellowships for 2019-20 that focus on markets, politics, ethics, and the law
in the United States. The grants are offered to candidates who wish to explore the meaning of
markets and market economy in American life.
• Grant Amount: $30,000
• Candidates must be U.S. citizens and hold a Ph.D. from a recognized institution in Israel
or abroad that has been received after February 15, 2015. Candidates with permanent
positions at universities or colleges are not eligible. Preference will be given to those who
have not received their degree from TAU.
• Additional travel funds for non-Israeli fellows are available.
• Research Fellows will take part in the activities of both Centers, including Safra’s yearlong
research group. While in residence, fellows are expected to dedicate their full time to
research. Supplementary funding from other sources may be allowed, pending a formal
request and review by our boards.

Applicants must submit:
• Documentation indicating eligibility for a doctorate degree, or certification of the
submission date of their dissertation.
• Documentary proof of U.S. citizenship.
• Three letters of recommendation. Preferably, at least one recommender should not belong
to the academic institution where the applicant was a doctoral student. These letters
should be sent directly by their authors to: uscenter@tauex.tau.ac.il
• Summary of the doctoral dissertation and a brief description of the research plan (each up
to two pages).
• CV, including a list of publications (if applicable).
Deadline for submission of all application materials: Feb. 10, 2019.
• Application materials should be sent by e-mail to: uscenter@tauex.tau.ac.il
• Additional information about The Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, research fellows and
activities can be found at: http://ethics.tau.ac.il/
• Additional information about the Center for the Study of the United States can be found at:


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The Center for the Study of the United States in Partnership with the Fulbright Program

Tel Aviv University