Seeking Panelists for AHA 2020 - Indian Ocean Diasporas

Matthew Bowser Announcement
New York, United States
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African History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, South Asian History / Studies, Southeast Asian History / Studies

I organizing a panel on Indian Ocean Diasporas for the AHA 2020 in New York and I am seeking fellow scholars who are interested in joining this panel and presenting a paper on the subject. Suggestions for a chair/discussant (or requests to chair) are welcome!

Papers may focus on the Indian diaspora or any other diasporic population in the Indian Ocean sphere (broadly defined from eastern Africa to Australia) and can range in topic from examining the politics of belonging, anti-immigrant rhetoric, xenophobia, political/social engagement, cultural exchange, and/or the diasporic population's relation to their homeland. The papers can address the colonial and/or post-colonial periods.

If interested, please email me at: by February 1, 2019.

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Matthew Bowser, PhD Candidate, Northeastern University
Twitter: @bowser129

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