Inviting Book Chapters for an Edited Volume (Routledge)

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Social Sciences, Sociology, Race Studies, Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies, Research and Methodology

This solicitation is for a chapter in an edited volume (Routledge) on the topic of Ethics, Errors, & Ethnocentrism in Social Science Research. Broadly, the book focuses on the ethical and methodological issues that researchers face while conducting social research especially on the topics of crime and victimization. It also includes discussions on ethics of collecting data in foreign settings and/or with vulnerable populations that may or may not be aware of their rights. It is especially common in the age of helicopter researchers, as well as while conducting research in settings where power equations as well as stereotypes may come into play while exploring topics of crime and justice.

The book also focuses on how media portrays certain narratives of violence, crime and victimization through stereotypes and biases. Racialized reporting is especially common while covering topics of mass shootings and police shootings.

The theme of the book also includes discussions on cultural, religious and racial stereotypes and Eurocentric view of reporting crime, justice, victimization, and general narrative on public institutions in developing countries. The audience in the West accepts the Western view in rather uncritical manner and depends on the ethics and judgment of the researchers reporting and presenting their findings.

The authors are also encouraged to submit proposed outline with reference to the methodological challenges, including abiding by ethical guidelines, while using qualitative research and non-probability sampling methods due to lack of anticipation of all scenarios.

We have secured contract with Routledge and at this point only accept proposals containing clear Chapter Outline (500 words). Submit outline by 2/15/19 to Dr. Divya Sharma at Also include a copy of your resume (brief/2-3 pages only), current title and affiliation.

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