International conference: 'Africa, the cradle of human diversity'

May 22, 2019 to May 25, 2019
Subject Fields: 
African History / Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology, Demographic History / Studies, Early Modern History and Period Studies
The International conference: 'Africa, the cradle of human diversity' will
take place on May 22nd-25th 2019 at Uppsala University (Sweden). The
conference will assemble 30 leading researchers from different fields to
present and discuss state-of-the-art approaches to address long-standing
questions about past and present human diversity in Africa. These questions
include modern human origins in Africa, the history of farming expansions,
admixture patterns, adaptation to new environments and cultural
transitions. Conference contributions will span the fields of
paleoanthropology, paleogenomics, evolutionary genetics, biological
anthropology, archaeology, historical linguistics, and population genetics.
Further, the conference will feature a keynote lecture from: Marlize
Lombard (Professor and Director of the Centre for Anthropological Research,
Department of Anthropology and Development Studies, University of
Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa).
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The registration is free but required, and includes conference materials, coffee breaks
and a cocktail reception. Registration is now open and the deadline is on
April 22nd. Please register at

Abstract submission system for posters is also open and the deadline is on March
22nd. If you are interested in presenting a poster, please register first
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