CFP - GSA Seminar: Tourism and the Future of Holocaust Memory in Germany and Austria, Oct. 3-6, 2019, Portland OR

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January 26, 2019
Iowa, United States
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Cultural History / Studies, German History / Studies, Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies, Humanities, Social Sciences


This seminar invites participants to share and debate the educational and more broadly societal impact of tourism to sites of Holocaust and Nazi remembrance. As a rapidly expanding form of remembrance, tourism to Holocaust memorials, museums, and sites of catastrophe is testing the limits of representation. In Germany, for instance, some memorial managers suggest that the current exhibition designs fail to engage visitors, necessitating new approaches.

We welcome contributions from scholars at all career stages from humanities and social science fields. Contributions may stem from German studies, Jewish studies, memory studies, and museum studies, cultural studies, history, anthoropology, ethnographic studies, sociology, public policy, education, or other empirical analyses to develop a richer, more evidence-based analysis of tourism's place in remembering the Holocaust and the Nazi past more broadly.

Seminar applicants should submit a 300-word abstract by January 26 at the online portal for GSA members ( Applicants must be current members of the GSA. Participants will be chosen by February 5, and will write and read pre-circulated papers of approximately 8-10 pages in August. The seminar leaders will assign a set of common readings shared on Google Drive.

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