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Holocaust Denial on Trial (HDOT, https://www.hdot.org/) announces that its “Debunking Denial” webpages are now available in Spanish (https://www.hdot.org/debunking-denial/?lang=es) and French (https://www.hdot.org/debunking-denial/?lang=fr). These webpages counteract misinformation and falsehoods spread by Holocaust deniers. Among the issues tackled by the “Debunking Denial” webpages are

  • The existence of gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau,
  • Kristallnacht as an event organized and authorized by the Third Reich’s leadership, Hitler’s role in the Holocaust,
  • The existence of the death camps of Operation Reinhard,
  • Proof of the authenticity of Anne Frank’s diary.

HDOT’s “Debunking Denial” webpages and the translations are designed to fill a void in online information about Holocaust denial. With the addition of Spanish and French HDOT’s “Debunking Denial” webpages will now be accessible to students and the broader public in, not just Spain, France, but across much of Latin America and Africa. HDOT seeks to be on the frontlines in combating the international menace of Holocaust denial.

These newly revamped and retranslated “Debunking Denial” pages are the result of a partnership between HDOT and Emory’s Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS). With the help of ECDS, we have completely renovated the HDOT website and improved its accessibility and searchability.

With the help of grants and gifts, HDOT restarted the translation process in June 2018. The Spanish and French translations, completed in mid-December 2018, are only one peice of a larger translation project; HDOT hopes to have translations available in another four languages by June 2019: Russian, Farsi, Turkish, and Arabic. For its recent and future translations, HDOT has worked with Argos Multilingual, a translation company that also translated material for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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