H-Net reviews posted to the web 24 Dec 2018 - 31 Dec 2018

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The following reviews were posted to the H-Net web site between
24 Dec 2018 and 31 Dec 2018.

Reviewed for H-War by Kevin Braam
   Johnsen, William Thomas.  _Origins of the Grand Alliance: Anglo-
   American Military Collaboration from the Panay Incident to Pearl
   Harbor, The_.  Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2016.  438
   pp.  $65.00, ISBN 978-0-8131-6833-3.

Reviewed for H-War by Oana Godeanu-Kenworthy
   Phillips, David.  _Educating the Germans: People and Policy in the
   British Zone of Germany, 1945-1949_.  London: Bloomsbury Academic,
   2018.  Illustrations. 392 pp.  $128.00, ISBN 978-1-4725-0955-0.

Reviewed for H-Diplo by Mark Sachleben
   Honeck, Mischa.  _Our Frontier Is the World: The Boy Scouts in the
   Age of American Ascendancy_.  Ithaca: Cornell University Press,
   2018.  392 pp.  $39.95, ISBN 978-1-5017-1618-8.

Reviewed for H-Diplo by Aaron Coy Moulton
   May, Rachel A.; Schneider, Alejandro; González Arana, Roberto.
   _Caribbean Revolutions: Cold War Armed Movements_.  Cambridge:
   Cambridge University Press, 2018.  174 pp.  $24.99, ISBN 978-1-108-

Reviewed for H-War by Denis Vovchenko
   Frary, Lucien J..  _Russia and the Making of Modern Greek
   Identity, 1821-1844_.  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015.  xii
   + 296 pp.  $100.00, ISBN 978-0-19-873377-5.