Call for Articles for a new journal: The Journal of Applied History

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African History / Studies, American History / Studies, Asian History / Studies, Contemporary History, Humanities

This year, Brill has launched a new, interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed scholarly journal concerned with the application of historical knowledge and insights to current matters: the Journal of Applied History (


Unlike other journals, the Journal of Applied History offers a platform for articles in which the results of historical research are applied to present-day issues. By connecting historical case studies to contemporary concerns and (or) future possibilities, authors are asked to make an explicit connection between past, present and future.


As such the Journal of Applied History seeks to promote long-term thinking when considering the causes and implications of present affairs and issues.  The journal, which is published biannually, seeks to inform scholars and policy makers interested in connecting past and present through publishing relatively short articles of approximately 4,000 words.


We encourage contributions from specialists in all branches of the humanities and social sciences who adopt a historical approach: from historians and anthropologists, to political scientists and sociologists, and from experts in the history of antiquity to those working on the very recent past, thus bringing together long-term perspectives and various approaches and methodologies.


Our instructions for authors can be found here:


Should you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with one of the editors-in-chief: Harm Kaal ( or Jelle van Lottum (

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Dr Harm Kaal, Assistant Professor of Political History, Radboud University, Faculty of Arts, PO Box 9103, NL-6500 HD, NIJMEGEN

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