Nature and Natural Life in Kafka’s Writings and Life (Roundtable at GSA)

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Call for Papers
February 1, 2019
Oregon, United States
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Cultural History / Studies, German History / Studies, Humanities, Jewish History / Studies, Literature

The Kafka Society of America invites 500-word abstracts and a short CV for the Roundtable ”Nature and Natural Life in Kafka’s Writings and Life” at the German Studies Conference 2019 in Portland, OR (Oct. 3-6, 2019). Send proposals to Maria Luise Caputo-Mayr ( and Dagmar C. G. Lorenz (, Kafka Society of America by February 1, 2019.

The thesis-style presentations  may examine  Kafka's reflections on natural phenomena, and his responses to concepts and theories of nature (Rousseau, Darvin, Haeckel etc) - also to practices such as nudism, vegetarianism, sports,  fashion. Also possible reactions to changes in science and industry, or  to representation  of nature in art,  mythology and literature.

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Maria Luise Caputo-Mayr (, Director; Dagmar C. G. Lorenz (, President

Kafka Society of America

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