GSA Seminar: Decolonizing German Studies Curricula

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January 26, 2019
Oregon, United States
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Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, German History / Studies, Humanities, Languages, Literature

GSA Seminar: Decolonizing German Studies Curricula

October 3-6, 2019, Portland, OR

This seminar responds to decolonizing imperatives and builds on the “Diversity, Decolonialization, and German Studies” group’s efforts by asking how to decolonize, i.e. intentionally construct access points for non-privileged learners despite barriers inherent to German Studies curricula. In addition to classroom practices, lines of argumentation in research, and principles of diversity and difference in thematic coverage, we invite a self-critical and collective conversation regarding how we, for instance:

  • recruit and advise undergraduate and graduate students,

  • understand the goals and outcomes of our coursework and programs,

  • dialogue about research methodology, format, and style,

  • teach multilingually diverse language learners,

  • construe program-level arcs of learning at PWIs, HSIs, HBCUs, and NASIs,

  • engage in study abroad,

  • and make space for “mentoring up” despite hierarchized relations.

We hope to discuss how these efforts can challenge systems of oppression (e.g., white supremacy, patriarchy, raciolinguistics, ableism, nativism), which have historically shaped our habits of design.


Seminar Format: Participants will submit 3500-6000 word original contributions (e.g., essay, annotated syllabus, program self-study, methodological reflection, multilingual autoethnography, etc.) to be read by all before the conference. At the GSA, each participant will briefly present another participant’s contribution, so that the majority of the time can be spent in discussion.

The application is open from January 5-26, 2019. To submit an abstract (up to 500 words) & short bio/CV (500-1000 words) and for more information please visit the GSA website at and
Please direct any questions to the conveners Joela Jacobs (, Janice McGregor (, David Gramling (
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Please direct any questions to the conveners Joela Jacobs (, Janice McGregor (, David Gramling (