CrossCurrents Research Colloquium

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February 15, 2019
New York, United States
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Jewish History / Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies, Sexuality Studies, Religious Studies and Theology, Humanities

Spend the month of July in New York working on a research or writing project related to the theme of “Reproductive Justice,” with access to libraries and research facilities at Columbia University, Union, Auburn, and Jewish Theological Seminaries.

This year’s CrossCurrents Summer Research Colloquium at Auburn takes as its theme Reproductive Justice. The USA currently has a dominant cultural narrative that frames abortion as morally wrong. This frame requires women who have abortions to offer acceptable reasons that justify their decision to end a pregnancy. Such a frame is biased against women from the outset and it prevents needed attention to a broader set of issues and questions related to women’s fertility, reproductive health, and the social conditions in which women raise children. This summer’s Colloquium theme seeks proposals drawing on theology, ethics, and religious studies that work to shift the cultural frame away from the punitive frame of justification and toward a liberative frame of reproductive justice. Proposals might focus on any of these three broad RJ principles: 1) the right not to have a child; 2) the right to have a child; and the 3) the right to raise children in safe and healthy communities. Above all, we seek  proposals from theologians, ethicists, artists and activists whose projects and or work depends on developing constructive theological and moral arguments in support of reproductive justice. 

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Charles Henderson