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William and Ethel Baziotes papers, circa 1900-1992, bulk 1935-1980

William Baziotes (1912-1963) was an abstract expressionist painter in New York City.


George Biddle papers, circa 1910-1970

George Biddle (1885-1973) was a painter and muralists in New York who proposed to President Franklin Roosevelt the establishment of a federal relief program for artists during the Depression, and subsequently painted a number of government murals under the auspices of the Federal Art Project, including murals for the Department of Justice in 1935.


Dwight Blaney papers, circa 1883-1944

Dwight Blaney (1865-1944) was a painter in Boston and Ironbound Island, Maine. Over time, his family acquired the entire island where John Singer Sargent and other painters came to visit and paint in the summer months.


Lilian Bridgman papers, circa 1860-circa 1983

Kansas-born architect and designer Lilian Bridgman (1866-1948), designed houses in Berkeley, California, during the Arts and Crafts movement and contributed significantly to the area's architectural heritage.


Jaime Davidovich papers, 1949-2014

Jaime Davidovich (1936- 2016) was a conceptual and performance artist in New York, N.Y.


iliana emilia garcia papers, 1987-2014

iliana emilia garcia (1970- ) is a multimedia artist and designer in Brooklyn, New York. garcia is sister to artist Scherezade Garcia.


Rupert Scott Lovejoy papers, 1904-1979

Lovejoy was a dentist and painter, Portland, Maine. Did extensive research on painter, Walter Griffin. Griffin, born in Portland, Maine, worked in the style of American Impressionism.


Emanuel Martinez papers, 1964-2015

Emanuel Martinez (1947- ) is a painter, muralist and educator in Denver, Colorado.


Octavio Medellin papers, circa 1935-1979

Octavio Medellin (1907-1999) was a painter, sculptor, and educator in Dallas, Texas.


Tony Ortega papers, 1984-2010

Tony Ortega (1958-) is a muralist, illustrator, and Chicano activist in Denver, Colorado.


Maria Luisa Pacheco papers, 1951-circa 1979

María Luisa Pacheco (1918-1982) was a painter in New York, N.Y.


Eve Peri papers, circa 1900-1996

Eve Peri (1897-1966) was a collagist, embroiderer, and painter active in New York City, New York.


William Preston Phelps and Ina Phelps Hayward papers, 1849-2001

William Preston Phelps (1848-1923) was a painter in Chesham, N.H. His daughter, Ina Phelps Hayward (1871-1944) was an artist.


Mel Ramos papers, 1959-1984

Mel Ramos (1935-2018), born Melvin John Ramos, was a painter, pop artist, and teacher in California.


Harold and May Tabak Rosenberg papers, circa 1880-1985

Author, art critic, and teacher, Harold Rosenberg (1906-1978), was one of the leading New York art intellectuals, and one of the most influential art critics of his generation. Author May Tabak Rosenberg (1910-1993) wrote books, articles, and short stories about artists, writers, and musicians.


Amory C. Simons papers, circa 1890-1934

Amory C. Simons was an animal and equestrian sculptor active in Paris and California.


Masami Teraoka papers, 1966-2017

Masami Teraoka (1936- ) is a Japanese-born, Hawaii-based painter known for his paintings created in the style of traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e prints.


Charles Henry Turner papers, 1875-circa 1973

Massachusetts and New Hampshire painter and printmaker Charles Henry Turner (1848-1908) was known for his landscapes, portraits, illustrations, and genre scenes.


Claire Zeisler papers, 1941-1992

Claire Zeisler (1903-1991) was a fiber artist and art collector active in Chicago, Illinois.




Transcripts of oral history interviews with:


Robert Noel Blair (1994)


Tony DeLap (2018)


Barbara G. Fleischman (2011)


Lloyd Goodrich (1962)


Peter Goulds (2008)


Albert Landa (1998)


James Lechay (1998)


Doris Emrick Lee (1964)


Edna M. Lindemann (1994)


Robert Morris (2018)


Lewis W. and Erica Beckh Rubenstein (1993)     


Clifford Schorer (2018)


Laurie Simmons (2017)


Carlyle H. Smith (1994)


Harold Tovish (1997-1998)


Volkmar Kurt Wentzel (2002-2003)


Elisabeth Wildenhain (1995)


John Wilmerding (2018)




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