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Dear Colleagues,


The Center for Buddhist Studies at Fo Guang University in Taiwan would like to announce the recent publication of issue 5.1 (2019) of the Fo Guang Journal of Buddhist Studies 佛光學報. This issue contains six articles in Chinese and English on Buddhism in East Asia from the 16th to 18th centuries.


The contents and full-text can be viewed at the Journal's website:

The contents of the present issue are also listed below.

Best wishes,

Yi-hsun Huang

Professor, Department of Buddhist Studies

Vice Director, Center For Buddhist Studies

Fo Guang University, Taiwan





萬金川 WAN, Jin-chuan
A Literary Sociological Interpretation of Identity in the Vimalakīrtinirdeśa Sūtra: The Narrated Identity of Ratnâkara


野口善敬 NOGUCHI, Yoshitaka

The Dharma Lineage of Xueqiao Yuanxin and the Record of Juyuan



Ryōō Dōkaku了翁道覚 (1630-1707), Ascetic, Philanthropist, Bibliophile, and Entrepreneur


黃繹勳 HUANG , Yi-hsun
An Introduction to Eight Rare Texts from the Sanfeng Chan Tradition in the Ming and Qing Dynasties (Part I)


金程宇/蘇航 JIN, Cheng-yu / SU, Hang
Versions of the Chanzong zadu hai and Related Issues


劉家幸 LIU, Chia-hsin
A Study of the Life and Works of Erinshōki, the Third Patriarch of Obaku Zen in Japan


Sanskrit Grammar in Early Modern East Asia—a Study of Kiben’s Guidelines for Studying the Eight Cases of the Chinese Language


王鋒 WANG , Feng

1940 年代的僧裝改革風波
The Reform Controversy over Buddhist Monastic Robes in the 1940’s

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