Announcing volume 53 (2018) of the Metropolitan Museum Journal

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Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the 2018 issue of the Metropolitan Museum Journal is now available at MetPublications, in JStor, The Met Store, and from the University of Chicago Press.


Metropolitan Museum Journal, volume 53 (2018)




Coloring the Temple of Dendur

Erin A. Peters


Inscriptions on Architecture in Early Safavid Paintings in the Metropolitan Museum

Barry Wood


The Significance of Azurite Blue in Two Ming Dynasty Birthday Portraits

Quincy Ngan


Manet’s Boucher

Emily A. Beeny


The Wet Nurse in Daumier’s Third-Class Carriage

George D. Sussman


Research Notes

Inscribed Kassite Cylinder Seals in the Metropolitan Museum

Gina Konstantopoulos


The Silver Stag Vessel: A Royal Gift

Theo van den Hout


An Illuminated Fragment of the Postil on the Lenten Gospels by Albert of Padua

Krisztina Ilko


Two Embroideries Used as Liturgical Cuffs

Alice Isabella Sullivan


Scenes from the Life of Jean de La Barrière by Matthieu Elias

Catherine Phillips


Eighteenth-Century Ironwork from Great George Street, London

Max Bryant


A Hidden Photograph by Julia Margaret Cameron

Nora W. Kennedy, Louisa Smieska, Silvia A. Centeno, Marina Ruiz Molina


John Singer Sargent’s Mrs. Hugh Hammersley: Colorants and Technical Choices to Depict an Evening Gown

Nobuko Shibayama, Dorothy Mahon, Silvia A. Centeno, Federico Carò


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