On_Culture: The Open Journal for the Study of Culture 6 (2018): Surveillance Cultures

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Out Now: On_Culture's Issue 6 (2018): Surveillance Cultures, eds. Wibke Schniedermann & Wolfgang Hallet.

Dear Colleagues,

We are very happy to announce the latest issue of On_Culture on a topic that (should) concern everybody: “Surveillance Cultures.” 

The issue features a great range of contributions combining a wide array of disciplinary and methodological approaches, starting with four double-blind peer-reviewed _Articles about "Shame and Surveillance in Dave Eggers's The Circle" (Betiel Wasihun), the "Securopolis" (Peter Rogers), "Vertical Non-State Surveillance" (Ana Ivasiuc), and "Dataveillance in Visual Media" (Martin Hennig and Miriam Piegsa). 

There are also three _Essays by some of the field's most seminal thinkers: David Lyon "Explor[es] Surveillance Culture," Dietmar Kammerer asks the question "Why Should We Talk About Culture, When We Want to Understand ‘Surveillance’?", and Jörn Ahrens writes about “The Ubiquitous View” and the power of being seen. 

The issue also includes five exciting _Perspectives, in which early-career researchers and artists present and problematize the omnipresence of surveillance in today's world. From studying self-tracking practices (Anna Heitger), a video art installation "8401" (Franci Duran), the video "Global Eyes" (Jeff Coons), the poem "Working under Surveillance" (Ann Lawless) to an empirical study on the "Perception of and Interaction with Surveillance Practices" (Jennifer Kiesewetter, Robin Schmieder).

With best wishes,
The Editorial Team


Table of Contents:


Wibke Schniedermann; Wolfgang Hallet: ”Editorial: On the Cultural Dimensions of Surveillance”


Martin Hennig; Miriam Piegsa: “The Representation of Dataveillance in Visual Media”

Ana Ivasiuc: “The Order of Things and People”

Peter Rogers: “The Securopolis”

Betiel Wasihun: “Surveillance and Shame in Dave Eggers’s The Circle”


David Lyon: “Exploring Surveillance Culture”

Dietmar Kammerer: “Why Should We Talk About Culture, When We Want to Understand ‘Surveillance’?”

Jörn Ahrens: “The Ubiquitous View”


Jennifer Kiesewetter; Robin Schmieder: “Dystopian Realities“

Jeff Coons: “GlobalEyes”

Franci Duran; Wibke Schniedermann: “Interview With Franci Duran about her Video Art Installation 8401”

Anna Heitger: “On Self-Tracking as Surveillance Practice”

Ann Lawless: “Working Under Surveillance”

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