Corporativismos: experiências históricas e suas representações ao longo do século XX

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Call for Publications
October 2, 2017 to November 17, 2017
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Contemporary History, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Economic History / Studies, Government and Public Service, Intellectual History

Call for contributions: Corporativismos: experiências históricas e suas representações ao longo do XX século /Corporatisms: historical experiences and self-representation during the XX century.

The anti-liberal concept of Corporatism was introduced in the early decades of the Twentieth century, and obtained great success during the interwar period and throughout the century.

Various authoritarian intellectuals from different geographical areas have worked to introduce the concepts of corporatism into constitutional texts as a way of solving the distortions of the liberal paradigm in representing the interests of the productive sectors. At the same time, several countries have implemented corporate representations in their parliaments, such as Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Mozambique and Portugal, among others.

This special issue aims to gather Brazilian and foreign scholars of corporatism, that deal with it both from a theoretical point of view and from their practical experiences and representations in Europe, Latin America and on the African continent.

In summary this special issue warmly welcomes contributions on the following aspects and explicitly invites transdisciplinary approaches:

 - Corporatist intellectuals (i.e. Oliveira Viana, Alberto Torres, Mihail Manoilescu, Ramiro de Maetzu, Giuseppe Bottai)

- Corporate experiences in different countries;

- Historical concept of Corporatism, its symbolic forms and representations. 


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