Women as Art Critics, Historians, and Theorists

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Call for Papers
December 22, 2017
New York, United States
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

Daughters of Hypatia:  Women as Art Critics, Historians, and Theorists   

[session at Christie’s Education conference on Celebrating Female Agency in the Arts, NYC June 26-27 2018]

            The contributions of women as creators of art have been a frequent focus of interest in recent decades;  yet less attention has been paid to their work as shapers of the fields of art and art history through the written word. This session seeks paper proposals that shed new light on the writings of women, from any time period/cultural context, who sought to change the status quo of the art world, whether successfully or not. What led these women to take risks in their published art criticism, historical writing, or art theory, and what reaction(s) did their work receive? Did this individual indeed make a difference, in some respect?  We would be especially interested in papers addressing women art-writers who, in addition to seeking to transform some aspect of the artworld, were also concerned more broadly about social justice issues.

Please send your paper proposal(250/300 words) by Dec. 22, 2017, along with a brief c.v., to:

Prof. Julia Dabbs, Univ. of Minnesota Morris  (dabbsj@morris.umn.edu)

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Prof. Julia K. Dabbs

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