International Symposium : The Ottoman World During the Reign of Fatih Sultan Mehmed

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Call for Papers
December 18, 2018
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Early Modern History and Period Studies, Islamic History / Studies, Maritime History / Studies, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies, Military History




            Fatih Sultan Mehmed shaped the 15th Century World Politics through his wars and conquests and left an indelible impression that will be felt for centuries. During his reign, the Ottoman Empire entered into a period of change and development in the areas of military, politics, science, economics, and society. To shed light on the period of Fatih Sultan Mehmed in the Ottoman History will be a key to understand the subsequent developments; therefore, Fatih Sultan Mehmed Vakıf University The Center for The Period of Fatih Sultan Mehmed Studies (FSM DUAM initiates a series of symposiums aiming to reveal the period of Fatih Sultan Mehmed in every aspects from the texture used to the currency, from the problems of the public to their entertainment, from benevolentness to stinginess, from warfare to peace, from the religious life to the daily life, and from its institutions to its legislation. As it is known, the number of conquests increased and the borders of the Empire were continually enlarged during the reign of Fatih Sultan Mehmed. Especially after the Conquest of Constantinople, The Ottoman Empire settled itself in an exceptional position. The theme of the first symposium of the series was specified as “Ideology, Diplomacy, Warfare, and Conquest at the Period of Fatih” It is aimed to assess and reveal the warfare and conquests within a continuity and integrity during the reign of Fatih from various perspectives.



- The Holy War (Ghaza) Spirit in the Light of the Sources of the Period.

- Diplomacy in the Expeditions and the Conquests.

- Expedition Logistics

- Army at the Time of Victory and Defeat

- Changing Borders

- War and Competition

- War and Peace

- Conquest and Power

- War, Technology, Medical, and Death

- The Social Effects of War and Interaction

- Entertainment and War

- Tactics and Strategy in the Wars

- Construction and Population Aftermath of the Conquest

- War and Conquest in the Literary Texts

- The Image of War, Conquest, and Fatih during the Centuries

- The Perception of War, Conquest, and Fatih in Cinema, Television, Social and Visual Media


*  The presented papers will be published.

*  The transportation and accommodation costs of the participants will be covered.


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