Conference day *** Armenian-language periodicals in France & the creation of a transnational space

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Call for Papers
November 7, 2019
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Conference day


Armenian-language periodicals in France

& the creation of a transnational space


7 November, 2019

Inalco (Auditorium), Paris


The AGBU Nubar Library in Paris & Paris Diderot University (UMR LARCA), with the support of Transfopress ( and the Bulac Library, invite papers that examine various aspects of the Armenian-language press as a foreign-language press phenomenon. The foreign-language press, defined here as the press written in languages other than the national language(s), is an important historical, but also contemporary, transnational occurrence. Although there is some body of literature that offers case studies of regionally-bound Armenian language press, such as publications in France, a comprehensive study of these publishing trends does not exist. This conference seeks to examine the creation of a transnational space through these editorial endeavours.

Since the 18th century, manifold Armenian-language newspapers and periodicals have been set up, published and distributed throughout the world, thereby providing highly valuable traces of moments of emigration due to socio-economic reasons (like trade networks) and political contexts (1890s massacres, the genocide, etc.), including in France.  Beyond the richness and variety of titles (encompassing for instance political endeavours as newspapers and reviews, literary reviews, cultural associations’ bulletins, almanacs, etc.), conference organisers would like participants to reflect on this foreign-language press phenomenon as constituent of the Armenian diasporic experience over time. Indeed, like most foreign-language press, Armenian-language titles published in France bridge several mediatic spaces (especially national and transnational) and raise the issue of the readerships that actors of this press seek to address beyond hardships and at times, constraining press regulations.

Based on the triad identity, space and the Armenian-language press in France to think through diaspora (especially in France) and on a sharp interest in the Armenian-language press in France as a material object, organisers are inviting papers on the following possible topics (not exclusive):

-The role of French Armenian-language diasporic titles in forging Armenianness, imagined community, collective identity (prior to and post the existence of an independent state)

-The role of Armenian-language diasporic titles in France in facilitating exchanges between communities and the Armenian state

-The role of French Armenian-language titles in framing debates regarding repatriation, the recognition of the Armenian genocide, or the Karabagh conflict

-The role of Armenian-language titles published in France in creating literary and intellectual centres

-The role of French Armenian-language titles in standardization efforts of the Armenian language, particularly in the case of Western Armenian, and relations to non-Armenian-language Armenian periodicals or plurilingual periodicals.

-The role of Armenian-language titles published in France in mediating the transnational space of Armenian politics and intra-community relations

-The role of French Armenian-language titles in negotiating relations, loyalties or dissent between the Armenian community in France and the French State, or between the global Armenian community and other States

- Editorial collaboration between Armenian-language periodicals in France and other communities, especially non-Armenian-speaking

-The role of content creation, readership, circulation and overall sustainability in an increasingly globalized and digitized world; foreign contributions to this press


We seek proposals for papers and case studies that are engaged in a wider reflection on the Armenian-language press in France and the Armenian diaspora. Participants across academic disciplines are welcome to submit proposals. We also invite those involved in the Armenian-language publishing world in the diaspora, as well as libraries and cultural institutions involved in preservation efforts to offer their perspective.

Abstracts of at least 500 words in English or French are to be sent along with a short CV to all three organizers before 31 January, 2019. Selected papers will form a special issue of the Études arméniennes contemporaines journal (



Dr Boris Adjemian (AGBU Nubar Library, Paris) boris.adjemian<at>

Dr Talar Chahinian (University of California, Irvine) talar.chahinian<at>

Dr Stéphanie Prévost (Paris Diderot University, Paris) stephprevostsp<at>