Call for Chapters: Amphibious Operations

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Call for Papers
February 15, 2019
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Asian History / Studies, Atlantic History / Studies, Diplomacy and International Relations, Maritime History / Studies, Military History

What? Amphibious Operations will be an edited volume featuring expert strategic analysis, historical analysis, and commentary on the past, present, and future of amphibious operations across the range of military operations. Roughly thirty scholars will engage subjects ranging from the history of amphibious operations, doctrinal and national perspectives, and the future of amphibious operations. Each essay will not only shed light on the past but also illuminate critical methods for understanding current and coming conflicts.

Why? The projection of power, be it for conquest or humanitarian assistance, from the water remains a core task for militaries worldwide. While we traditionally think of amphibious operations in terms of Gallipoli, Normandy or Tarawa, the reality is more nuanced and far broader. Steadily growing populations in the littorals, climate change, and conflicts in places like the South China Sea all further increase the likelihood of amphibious operations being conducted in the coming years. By exploring the lessons of the past, capabilities and visions of the present, and projections of tomorrow, this collection of essays will elucidate the foundations of amphibious warfare while illuminating its potential future. Topics can range from the tactical to the strategic, from the personal to the political to the organizational, and are not limited by time period, nationality, intent or result.

How? Each contributor will provide commentary or analysis on an amphibious operations topic. Writing must be based on documented and sourced research. Applying sound scholarship, the analysis of the selected topic will apply an operational idea, academic theory, or helpful, experience-based lens with which to analyze their subject. Lastly, in some way, the author will describe how and why this particular contribution helps us understand conflict today and in the future. We anticipate submissions should be between 2,500-5,000 words (approximately 10-20 pages) with citations and endnotes as necessary. Images are also welcome, including maps and graphics, as are tables. Citations and endnotes should be in the Chicago Manual of Style ‘ Notes and Bibliography ’ format. If possible, maps and images should come from the public domain.

Who? Contributors will come from across the spectrum of those who study conflict and war. We seek inputs from across nations and backgrounds. Despite our background, our intent is not to create a collection of essays by U.S. Marines for U.S. Marines but rather by a wide variety of experts for the use of all in the discussions surrounding amphibious operations. Strategic theorists, policy advisors, diplomats, historians, and ground-level military personnel will all be part of this effort by presenting their critical thinking and writing skills to a wider audience.


-Proposals/abstracts due February 15, 2019

-Chapters due Spring 2019.



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