(CFP) Panel participants/ European Association for the Study of Religions 2019 – Turtu University, Estonia

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Call for Papers
June 25, 2019 to June 29, 2019
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Religious Studies and Theology
(CFP) Panel participants/ European Association for the Study of Religions 2019 – Turtu University, Estonia

OPEN SESSION (P. MURILLO): New Religious Movements and the “no religion” affiliation phenomenon: a secular or religious disruption?

This panel will look into the articulation of New Religious Movements (NRMs) or “spiritualities” with the “no religion” affiliation (or “nones”) phenomenon, and its meaning regarding the relevance of scholars’ conclusions about the continuations or disruptions of the “spiritual but not religious” (Fuller, 1963) process across the world.
Indeed, the religious “nones” have been of great importance for researchers and sociologists since 1957. In the United States, the Gallup Survey introduced the “none” category for the first time after World War II. The increase in the number of Americans who choose or identify themselves as “non religious” when asked about their religious preferences in traditional surveys has been of significant interest over the past fifty years (Baker and Smith 2009; Hout and Fisher 2002, 2006; Stark 2008). This trend is also true for Europe and most of the world according to recent studies (Pew Forum Center, 2017; Drescher, 2013).
Within the scope of New Religious Movements, considering the rise of the numbers of people with no clear affiliation across the world, how do scholars should study and analyze the various responses from the surveyed population? How reliable are the different studies showing the increasing of the “nones” population, and to what extend does it correlate the supposed resulting disruption or interruption of the new religious movements across the world? Many groups among this trend observed throughout the world tend to blur the lines of reality: how should we consider the many who participate simultaneously to various spiritual or religious affiliations and declare themselves “nones”?

Deadline: 15th Dec 2018, 11:59:59pm EET, Time left: 30 days 2 hoursChair/contact: philippe.murillo@univ-tlse3.fr

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