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December 9, 2018
Czech Republic
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Call for Papers

Climate Change: History and Philosophy of Science and NOS Challenges

Symposium proposed by the

Inter-Divisional Teaching Commission (IDTC) of the DHST/DLPMST of IUHPST

Papers are sought for a proposed symposium under the title “Climate Change: History and Philosophy of Science and NOS Challenges” at next year’s XVI International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology (CLMPST), due to be held in Prague from 5-10 August 2019


The study of Climate Change as a philosophic subject was until recent times at very early stages (Winsberg 2018). The first entry related to ‘Climate Science’ in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy appear as late as 2018 (Parker, 2018). This is more awkward if we recall several of the main issues related to Climate Change and the scientific practice associated: epistemic trust, models, risk, uncertainty, probability, values, data, instruments and complexity among many others.

Also, the bridge between research on Climate Change and policy and social spheres create problems that are not settled such as the epistemic trust or, in some other communities the relation between science and non-science.

At the same time, the development of the philosophical study of Climate Change can convey new educational insights to teach a diversity of philosophical topics. This is particularly relevant to the philosopher of science engaged in ‘social relevant philosophy’ but also to all the other philosophers of science.  

This Symposium aims to bring together philosophers of science prone to shed light upon the above issues and correlated ones.



If you are interested in participating in this Inter-Divisional Teaching Commission (IDTC) symposium, please send a 500-word abstract to Paulo Maurício ( )   by no later than December 9th, Sunday, 2018. Please note that we ask for a 500-word abstract because all abstracts must be submitted through the CLMPST2019 platform, even the ones intended for the symposium until December 15th, 2018.

For further information about the conference please see

If you have any questions regarding this call for contributions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or at  (Paulo Maurício)





Winsberg, Eric (2018) Philosophy and Climate Change. Cambridge, MA; Cambridge University Press

Katzav, Joel & Parker, Wendy S. (2018). Issues in the Theoretical Foundations of Climate Science. Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 63: 141-149.

Parker, Wendy, "Climate Science", The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Summer 2018 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.), URL = <>.

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Paulo Maurício (Lisbon School of Education, Inter-Divisional Teaching Commission of the DHST/DLMPST)



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