CFP for SRS 2018 Politically charged artistic representations of the past in the Romanian public space (deadline extended)

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Call for Papers
October 10, 2017
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Political Science, Political History / Studies, Eastern Europe History / Studies

Call for papers for a panel at the Conference of the Society for Romanian Studies (SRS) (Bucharest, 26-30 June 2018)

Politically charged artistic representations of the past in the Romanian public space

This panel seeks to bring together researchers dealing with artistic representations of the past in Romania. The presentations can deal with the public, or state sponsored official memory as it is displayed in the public space in the form of monuments or statues. The missing memory, or the erasure of the Socialist Realist representations from the public space is one of the topics that could be tackled. The different memory conflicts, of the historical traumatic experiences and their artistic forms could represent a secondary theme. The alternative representations of the past, whether in the form of performative practices, or urban/street art forms, are also taken into account. How and what do the public squares, public buildings, and the cultural and educational spaces tell of the national past? How do nationalist and other ideologically centered representations of the past co-exist in contemporary (re)configurations? What roles play artistic representations in questioning the status-quo and/or the officialized memories of the past?

Those interested should send a short abstract of 250 words until October 10 to Caterina Preda, Phd, Lecturer, Department of Political Science, University of Bucharest,

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Caterina Preda

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