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Call for Papers
April 10, 2019
Ohio, United States
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African American History / Studies, Black History / Studies, Popular Culture Studies, Religious Studies and Theology, Cultural History / Studies

Religions, an international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open access journal on religions and theology, is seeking contributions for a special edition focused on “Religions in African American Popular Culture.” African American popular culture is defined here as those aspects of culture largely created and produced by peoples of Africana descent in the United States of America that engender joy, pleasure, enjoyment, and amusement and that are expressed through artifacts (e.g., icons and personas) and practices (e.g., arts and rituals). The artifacts of African American popular culture are inclusive of but not limited to objects and material culture, heroes, celebrities, stars, and stereotypes. The practices of African American popular culture are inclusive of but not limited to music, literature, theater, radio, film, television, comic art, games, sports, worship services, parties, dinners and reunions, and festivals and holidays.

The aim of this special issue is to explore the influence and intersection of religion on and within African American popular culture and to provide a snapshot of the current relationship of African American popular culture to religions examining the gamut of religions including but limited to Roman Catholic and Protestant Christianity, Nation of Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Five-Percent Nation, Holiness-Pentecostalism, religious issues and imageries, representations and characterizations, and theological themes, theologies, and theodicies throughout African American popular culture.

This special issue welcomes a variety of perspectives on and critical approaches to African American popular culture and religions. Contributions may address a broad range of topics, e.g., historical, contemporary, and/or emerging artifacts and practices of religions and African American popular culture. All relevant topics and subtopics will be considered for this issue.

Please note that while not required, manuscripts of 15 to 30 double-spaced pages inclusive of front matter and back matter using Microsoft Word and Times New Roman 12 font are strongly preferred. Questions regarding potential essays can be directed to Guest Editor, Dr. Angela Nelson ( See complete submission information at

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