New Issue of Palaeoslavica: vol. 25, nos. 1-2 (2017_

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Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the publication of the new issue of Palaeoslavica: International Journal for the Study of Slavic Medieval Literature, Jistory, Language and Ethnology.

Volume XXV of Palaeoslavica for 2017 consists of two issues (303 pp., 291 pp.)

No. 1 of Palaeoslavica XXV consists of four sections. The Articles section contains an article by E. Syrtsova on the name of the city of Kerch (Crimea) in connection with migration of «Ros» people; a study by V. Kalugin on Hebrew glosses in Old Russian 15th-century manuscripts; a study by I. Morozov and I. Sleptsova on the ceremonial and play forms of funerals in the European part of Russia. The Publications section presents a corpus of Russian poetic gravestone epitaphs from the end of the 17th to the middle of the 18th centuries (by A. Avdeev) and completes the publication of Belorussian magic spells in modern records by G. Lopatin. The Speculum section presents studies by A. Strakhov on *ā-stem declension (Dat vs. Gen) in Old Russian texts; by A. Tolochko on the origin of Chełm bishopric; and by V. Staviskii on the function of dual forms in the Galician-Volhynian Chronicle. The Miscellanea section presents notes by A. Gasanov and A. Strakhov.

No. 2 of Palaeoslavica XXV consists of four section. The Articles section presents studies by M. Kazanskii and C. Zuckerman on the Slavic Ulichi tribe mentioned in the Primary Chronicle; by M. Isoaho on echoes of Crusader movements in Old Russian sources; by T. Anisimova on newly discovered fragments from Metropolitan Kliment Smoliatich's Letter to Presbyter Foma; by N. Mayhew on the ceremony of adelphopoiesis (ἀδελφοποίησις, ‘brother-making’) and its banning in 16th-17th-century Muscovy and Ruthenia; by I. Kachinskaia on folk erotica in Russian dialects (Arkhangelsk district). The Publications section presents a fragment from Apocalypse after the 14th-century Croatian Glagolitic manuscript (publ. by V. Badurina Stipčević); Novgorodian Wine and Beer Book of 1612 (publ. by I. Barclay), and Belorussian folklore texts from Gomel’ province (publ. by G. Lopatin). The Speculum section discusses the meaning of the expression "before these four years" in the Primary Chronicle from the point of view of the time of its creation (by T. Vilkul), and errors in the recent English translation of S.Solovyov's History of Russia from the Earliest Times (by Ch. Halperin). The Miscellanea section presents the newly discovered, hitherto unknown note by Scribe Upyr’ Likhoi (11th century) preserved in the manuscript of the beginning of the 17th c. (by V. Kalugin) and two linguistic notes (by T. Nasennik and A. Strakhov, respectfully).


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