1869 and Beyond. Political and Institutional Crises between the 19th and the 20th Centuries

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November 30, 2018 to December 1, 2018
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Contemporary History, Political History / Studies

November 30th, 2018, room C.015
Opening time: 2 pm
Welcome and Introductory Speech
Damiano PALANO, Dean of the Department of Political Science,
Catholic University of Milan
Arianna ARISI ROTA, University of Pavia
Cristina BON, Catholic University of Milan
Panel 1. Around 1869: symptoms and cleavages
of crisis
Chair: Paolo COLOMBO, Catholic University of Milan
H. 2.20 pm
Andrea SACCOMAN, University of Milano Bicocca
Moving Through a Narrow Path: the Italian Army
from Venice to Rome
H. 2.40 pm
Silvia CAVICCHIOLI, University of Torino
The Barsanti “case”: political crisis, civil battles and memorial
H. 3.00 pm
Nathalia SCHOMERUS, University of Potsdam
A Jew, a Liberal, a Jurist – the Struggles of Eduard Lasker
in 19th Century Germany
H. 3.20 pm
Domenico Maria BRUNI, Luiss Guido Carli, Roma
The Oblieght affair. Politics, business and newspapers
in the first Italian media scandal
H. 3.40 pm
Discussion time
Panel 2. The 1890s and the End of the Century Crisis
Chair: Ronald CAR, University of Macerata
H. 4.00 pm
Charles LENOIR, Sciences Po, Paris
Dealing with social fear. A conservative answer to socialist
and labor movements. France-United States, 1890s
H. 4.20 pm
Christian SATTO, University of Florence
December 1894: the infinite scandal of Banca Romana
back to the Parliament
H. 4.45 pm coffee break
H. 5.30 pm
Keynote lecture
Enrico DAL LAGO, National University of Ireland Galway
Railroads, Cables, Canals, and Colonies: The Shrinking
of the World, the Collapse of Liberalism, and the Rise
of Empires in 1869
H. 6.00 pm
Discussion time
December 1st, 2018, room C.012
Panel 3. Early 20th Century: social turmoil
and rhetorical strategies
Chair: Catherine BRICE, Université Paris - Est Créteil (CRHEC)
H. 9.30 am
Saverio BATTENTE, Università degli Studi di Siena
The strikes in Val di Chiana in the early Twentieth Century
and the origins of nationalism
H. 9.50 am
Nicholas PITSOS, Center for European and Eurasia studies, INALCO, Paris
Gospel riots in 1901 Athens: socio-political crisis amidst
language battles
H. 10.10 am
Maxime CHERVAUX, French Institute of Geopolitics - University Paris
Theodore Roosevelt at Owasatomie (1912). How populism,
progressivism and dissent transformed American politics
Panel 4. War Time Drift
Chair: Enrico DAL LAGO, National University of Ireland Galway
H. 10.30-10.50 am
Fabio ECCA, University of Roma Tre
“Pescecanismo”: the Italian State’s crisis in the face
of the scandal of war profits (1915-1919)
H. 10.50-11.10 am
Tullia CATALAN, University of Trieste
War time exceptional measures: the seizure of irredentists’
personal property in Hapsburg Trieste
H. 11.15 am
Discussion and closing remarks

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