Change Through Repetition

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November 29, 2018 to December 1, 2018
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Film and Film History, Literature, Political History / Studies, Theatre & Performance History / Studies

The IDP MIMESIS cordially invites you to its upcoming 5th annual conference: CHANGE THROUGH REPETITION. The international conference takes place from Thursday, 29 November to Saturday, 1 December at the Center for Advanced Studies LMU (CAS).

Change Through Repetition: Mimesis as a Transformative Principle between Art and Politics
Conference Venue: Center for Advanced Studies LMU (CAS), Seestrasse 13, 80802 Munich

Mimesis is a key concept throughout the history of the arts, including the most recent developments in critical and cultural theory. From imitation of nature through representation of human action to the imagination of future possibilities, conceptions of mimesis often emphasize the dimension of repetition. The conference explores how this aspect of mimesis can also have a transformative capacity, thereby opening up the wider spectrum of art forms in relation to their social and political conditions. The key questions of the conference are: How can works of art effect change through repetition? How does change through repetition take place in artistic or social contexts? Which forms of change can be identified?
Participants among others:
Jamil Khader (Bethlehem), Brigitte Rath (Innsbruck), Kerstin Stakemeier (Nuremberg), Matthias Warstat (Berlin)

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Special Events:
Thursday, November 29, 7pm: Screening at Filmmuseum München on Peter Watkins’ cinema.
Venue for this event: Filmmuseum München, Sankt-Jakobs-Platz 1, 80331 Munich
Friday, November 30, 6.15pm: Artist Talk with Yael Ronen and Wiebke Puls: Revolutionizing Representation on/from the Stage?
Saturday, December 1, 1pm: Screening Lecture by Christina Varvia (Forensic Architecture)

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Facebook: IDP Mimesis
Twitter: @IDPMimesis, #transformimesis
Instagram: idk_mimesis

Contact & Registration:
+49 (0)89 2180-3081

Organizational Committee (IDP MIMESIS): Babylonia Constantinides, Simon Gröger, Elisa Leroy, Doris Rebhan, Christian Hartwig Steinau and Sarah Stoll



THURSDAY, 29.11.2018


Conference registration at CAS


Tobias Döring (Director of IDP MIMESIS): Welcoming Address

Babylonia Constantinides, Simon Gröger, Elisa Leroy, Doris Rebhan, Christian Hartwig Steinau,

Sarah Stoll (IDP MIMESIS): Introduction

Panel I: Transfer/Transferability (Chair: Johanna Spangenberg, IDP MIMESIS)

13:30-14:30 Keynote address

Matthias Warstat (Berlin): Intervention and Repetition: About the Rhythmical Specifics of

Transformative Theatre


Coffee break


Johanna Zorn (Munich): Phantasms of Repetition. Preliminaries to practices of mimesis and


Salya Föhr (Leipzig): For utmost fragility: Image descriptions in Peter Weiss's The Aesthetics of


Panel II: Re-enactment (Chair: Marc Adamczak, IDP MIMESIS)

16:10-16:45 Eva-Kristin Winter (Munich): The Social and Political Aftermath of Reenacting the

Paris Commune of 1871: Peter Watkins' La Commune (Paris 1871) (FR 2000) and Geoff Bowie's

The Universal Clock (CA 2001)


Break for dinner & transfer to Filmmuseum München (Sankt-Jakobs-Platz 1, 80331 Munich)

19:00-21:25 Screening

Babylonia Constantinides (IDP MIMESIS): The Cinema of Peter Watkins: Between Re-enactment

and Pre-enactment (with screening)

FRIDAY, 30.11.2018


Simon Gröger (IDP MIMESIS): Remembering Forward: The Theatrical Reenactments of the

International Institute of Political Murder (IIPM)

Steeve Sabatto (Paris): Modeling, Mimetism and Lacunary within the Organization of Vernacular

Construction Expertise for the Design of Typical German Structures (1942-1944): A Focus on the

Integration of History of Art and Architecture for Military Operational Research

Leonie Hunter (Frankfurt): The Failure of Political Comedy


Lunch at CAS

Panel III: Pre-enactment (Chair: Franziska Link, IDP MIMESIS)

13:00-14:00 Keynote address

Kerstin Stakemeier (Nuremberg): Repeated Separations: Aesthetic Empirio-Materialisms of



Xu Dan Penny (Brussels): Art for the Masses


Coffee break


Yarden Ben-Zur (Tel Aviv): Ghosts of Utopia: Gustav Landauer's Writing on Shakespeare and the

Dynamic of the Revolution

Sarah Stoll (IDP MIMESIS): In Search for its Reader: On the Anticipation of an Everyday Language

in Modern Hebrew Literature

Doris Rebhan (IDP MIMESIS): Fictional States between Imagination, Imitation and Fake


Break with Snacks & Drinks

18:15-20:00 Artist Talk (Chair: Elisa Leroy, IDP MIMESIS)

„Revolutionizing Representation on/from the Stage?“ Discussion with Yael Ronen and Wiebke


SATURDAY, 01.12.2018

Panel IV: Visibility (Chair: Julia Rössler, Eichstätt)

9:00-10:00 Keynote address

Brigitte Rath (Innsbruck): Un/covering Repetition: Erasure Poetry


Bahar Majdzadeh (Paris): Cartography as Possible Support for Representation


Coffee break with Snacks

11:30-12:30 Keynote address

Jamil Khader (Bethlehem): Mimesis and Alterity in Transnational Feminist Writings


Annika Haas (Berlin): Théo rit: Practising Mimesis and Subversion with Hélène Cixous

13:05-14:15 Screening Lecture (Chair: Babylonia Constantinides, IDP MIMESIS)

Christina Varvia (London): The Critical Art of Forensic Architecture

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The Internationl Doctoral Program MIMESIS, based at LMU Munich, is dedicated to innovative doctoral research in the fields of literature and the arts, with special emphasis on historical, theoretical and transdisciplinary persepctives. (The IDP MIMESIS is funded by the Elite Network of Bavaria.)


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