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 *******************Call for Contributing Authors***********


World Architecture and Society (ABC/CLIO, 2020)

World Architecture and Society is a general-audience reference book, written at a high school/first-year college reading level, that introduces buildings of global significance from prehistory to the present-day. The lead author (Peter Louis Bonfitto) will write the majority of the publication. In addition, a number of individual entries will be written by contributing authors. The two-volume publication will be separated into four regional sections: 1) Europe, 2) the Americas, 3) Africa and the Middle East, 4) Asia and the Pacific.  Each section will include 25 major buildings or structures from each region for a total of 100 entries. Introductory essays for each section will be written by the lead author. The writing needs to be well-researched and very accessible.  Each entry will be 1500-2500 words. The focus of each entry is architectural, but with strong consideration of the social impact, importance, and significance each building or structure has had in the past and in the present.


Each entry will have the following elements:

-At A Glance Information Box 
-History of Construction and Financing the Project 
-About the Creator/Designer
-Important Events and Role in Popular Culture
- Use Today and Impact on Society


This call is for authors interested in the following entries:


Burj Khalifa: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2010)
Fasil Ghebbi: Gondar, Ethiopia (17th-18th century)
Meroe, Pyramids of: Bagrawiyah, Sudan (720-300 BCE)
Aanischaaukamikw, the Cree Cultural Institute: Quebec, Canada (2011)
Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca: Santiago de Cuba, Cuba (1700)

Montreal Biosphére: Montreal, Canada (1967)


Niterói Contemporary Art Museum, The: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1996)


Gur-e Amir: Samarkand, Uzbekistan (15th-century)


Himeji Castle: Hyōgo, Japan (early 17th)


Potala Palace: Tibet (1645)


Paoay Church, Philippines (1710)


Palace of Culture and Science: Warsaw, Poland (1955)


Heydar Aliyeu Center: Baku, Azerbaijan (2012)


Kronborg Castle: Denmark (16th-century)


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