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November 3, 2018
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Hello everyone,


I am happy and proud to announce the launch of HOPE, an online (edX) course by Princeton University.

You are very welcome to join!


What sets us apart, and brings us together, as humans, and what are the political implications?
This key question leads HOPE (Human Odyssey to Political Existentialism) – a unique journey into the human condition, and its politics.

Are we better than animals and machines? What’s the difference between freedom and liberty? Should we pursue happiness? Why do we yield to fear and anxiety? What’s the point of living, dying, and killing? What are the roles of reflection, truth and morality in our society and politics? Is God dead, but religion alive? Can we defeat alienation? Is love all we need? How much can, and should, we hope for?


HOPE explores these quandaries, and more. It is a rich interdisciplinary course, full of art, animations, video talks and panels, forums, interactive tasks, and interviews. HOPE requires no previous professional knowledge, and is offered, free of charge, in English, with Hebrew (and soon Arabic and French) subtitles.


Here’s the trailer, the introduction, and a snippet from Lesson I: What is Human Nature?


Many thanks and best wishes,




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