TexMoot: The Second Annual Texas Literature & Language Symposium

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Call for Papers
January 19, 2019
Texas, United States
Subject Fields: 
Communication, Humanities, Literature, Oral History, Popular Culture Studies
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“Listening is the new reading,” claims Audible.com. This year, TexMoot will investigate many aspects of orality/aurality: literature for listening. We welcome presentations about storytelling, podcasting, audiobooks, voice acting, theatre, spoken-word poetry, personal narratives, gaming, and other verbal/vocal/auditory genres and/or their appearance in written works. Presentations can take the form of flash papers, conference-length talks, or creative performances.

Questions and topics that you may consider include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • How has oral storytelling survived into the digital age?
  • What is the relationship of theatre (or a particular play) to oral storytelling?  
  • What is the relationship of film (or a particular movie) to oral storytelling?  
  • What is the relationship of tabletop RPGs (or a particular game) to oral storytelling?
  • What elements of orality persist in print media, such as novels, short stories, and lyric poetry?
  • What can be learned from comparing narrative arcs, literary structures, and archetypes in oral literature across cultures or within a specific culture?

We are accepting proposals for the following kinds of presentations:

  • Flash-paper sessions (10-minute talks)
  • Conference-style paper sessions (20-minute talks)
  • Creative performances (5-minute slots for original short fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, music, visual art, and other media on the symposium theme). Note that creative presentations will take place in the evening, after dinner. We cannot guarantee the availability of audio-visual equipment, so low-tech presentations are preferred.

Please indicate for which type of presentation you are submitting your proposal. You are welcome to submit more than one abstract, but please do not submit the same one to multiple types of presentation.

For each proposal:

  • Submit an abstract of under 300 words by Saturday, Nov. 17th, 2018 using this submission form
  • Include a descriptive title.
  • Indicate which type of presentation you would like this proposal to be considered for. Note that there are limited spaces available for each type.
  • For a creative performance, describe the genre, medium, and connection to the symposium’s theme and also email a sample of your other work in the same genre/medium to info@texmoot.org.
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Signum University is pleased to announce its second annual Texas Literature & Language Symposium (aka “TexMoot”) on Saturday, January 19th, 2019, at the Waco Convention Center on the lovely Brazos River. TexMoot will offer a gleeful gallimaufry of short papers, longer talks, lively curated conversations, writing and podcasting workshops, a panel of special guests, a keynote presentation, creative performances, gaming, a costume contest, dancing, and lots of fellowship and local flavor. Register now to enjoy this balanced blend of academic rigor and avid literary fandom. 

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