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November 15, 2018
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Dear colleagues,

The Editorial Board for Zapruder World: An International Journal for the History of Social Conflict (ISSN: 2385-1171) is looking for a guest editor, or guest editors, for the journal's upcoming sixth volume, which will be published on our website in December 2019. Zapruder World is an Open Access, scholarly-led, peer-reviewed digital history journal, focusing on the global history of social conflicts and social movements. We imagine Zapruder World to be a digital journal and a network of historians and social activists spread through different places, countries and continents, which will explore the many forms of social conflict and reconsider the notion of social conflict itself. In so doing, our aim is simultaneously to transform the way we look at history, the way historical research is organized, and the way historical knowledge is transmitted from one generation to another. For more information about our journal and our scholarly project, please see:

The association Storie in Movimento (Histories in Movement, or SIM) is calling for thematic proposals for Volume 6 (2019) of its digital journal. The theme for every volume is chosen every year at the General Meeting of SIM, which, this year, will be held on 17th-18th November at Archivio delle donne in Piemonte (Women’s Archive in Piedmont), in Turin (Italy). Since we know that many of our advisory community members, fellow travelers, and potential editors cannot participate in person at the annual SIM meeting, this is a call for thematic proposals of 300-500 words to be sent to us by replying to this message by anyone willing to co-edit Volume 6 with a member of our editorial board. 

In keeping with our journal's central theme, all proposals must be focused on [the history of] social conflict, and must seek to attract as wide of a scholarly participation as possible (which is to say, to attract submissions from scholars around the world, rather than just from those working in North America and Europe). All proposals received will be discussed and voted on at the General Meeting, and no effort will be spared to connect the authors of the proposals via Skype with the meeting so that they can illustrate it in their own words (in English or Italian) and respond to questions emerging from the meeting's attendees. The themes of past volumes include: 1. Transnational Anarchism; 2. Feminism and LGBTQI Movements; 3. Welfare States; 4. Race and Racism; and 5. Food and Social Conflict (forthcoming). To see our past volumes, please visit our website: 

The journal, of course, will help facilitate the double blind peer review process, and pay for the copy editing and digital publication services and processes. Each article would be assigned a unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and be placed in our website's digital promotion system, which regularly publishes our articles to each of our social media accounts with the appropriate hashtags in order to maximize the journal's reach and impact.

The deadline for proposal submissions is November 15, 2018. The association's decisions will be announced by early December. Volume 6's CfP would need to be published and promoted as soon as possible (by mid-December or early-January 2019). First draft articles would be due by early-June, followed by a two to three month double blind peer review process. Final articles would be due by October. The completed volume would be published on our website by early- to mid-December 2019.

We look forward to receiving your proposals.

The Editorial Board

Zapruder World: An International Journal for the History of Social Conflict
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