Lacanian and Foucaultian Approaches to the Body Essay Collection

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Call for Papers
January 31, 2019
Alabama, United States
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Sexuality Studies, Psychology, Popular Culture Studies, Health and Health Care, Cultural History / Studies

Both Jacques Lacan and Michel Foucault took the body as an object of critical inquiry but explored it in divergent ways. This collection of essays, under advance contract with McFarland and Company, will bring together scholars working from Lacanian and Foucaultian perspectives to interrogate the body. Collectively, the papers selected for this volume will aspire to answer, among others, the following questions: how do Lacan and Foucault approach the body, and what new forms of subjectivity emerge when we pay attention to the body? What are we allowed to do to or with our bodies, and what are we allowed to ask others to do to or with our bodies? And how can we bring Lacanian and Foucaultian theory to bear on ethical, legal, medical, philosophical, sexual, and theological concerns about the body? Although paper proposals are not limited to the following list of topics, those listed are the ones of most interest to the editors:

Ÿ    fragmented bodies and bodily decomposition

Ÿ    body parts and partial bodies

Ÿ    the mirror stage and self-reflection

Ÿ    self-abuse and body cutting

Ÿ disciplined and “docile” bodies

Ÿ torture and punishment

Ÿ “subindividuals” and the “posthuman”

Ÿ sexuality, sexuation, and oversexed bodies

Ÿ “technologies of the self”

Ÿ    the voice, the gaze, and the fetish

Ÿ S/M, spanking, and other sex games

Ÿ amputation and disability

Ÿ addiction and obsession, medicine and therapy

Ÿ blood(lines) and body art

Ÿ body as metaphor, metaphorical anatomy

Ÿ the masquerading body and gender

Ÿ “extimacy” and body space(s)

Ÿ ejaculations and suppurations

Ÿ prosthetics and augmentations

Ÿ hysteria and the symptomatic body

Please send proposals of 500 words along with a CV by January 31, 2019, to Becky McLaughlin at and Eric Daffron at Papers chosen for inclusion will be due June 1, 2019.


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Becky McLaughlin, Department of English, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 36688