Call for Papers for Special Issue on "Genealogy and Immigration"; Deadline: 1 March 2019

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Call for Papers
March 1, 2019
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African History / Studies, Archival Science, Asian History / Studies, Atlantic History / Studies

Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

This Special Issue of Genealogy invites essays on the topic, “Genealogy and Immigration”. The goal of the issue is to examine the relationship between genealogy and immigration. Highlighting the connections between and among genealogy, immigration, migration, and family history is at the forefront of this issue. Contributors are asked to explain how and/or where genealogy and immigration intersect and the impact these connections might have upon the development of families over time. The editorial team hopes to provide a wide spectrum with regard to discipline or sub-discipline and invites contributions that strengthen and broaden the framework for genealogy studies. Some potential areas of focus may include the following, although all submissions are welcome and encouraged:

  • How immigration has changed the social and economic development of families over time;
  • How immigration has shaped, and continues to shape, family narratives, genealogical research, and the recording and preservation of family history;
  • How immigration has altered gender roles within families over time;
  • How immigration has contributed to the creation of fictive kinship systems and the redefinition of family roles and responsibilities;
  • How immigration has diversified the individual and collective past as new population groups have interacted, intermingled, and intermarried;
  • How immigration has created transnational families;
  • How immigration has led to new national and ethnic configurations and shaped family self-identification over time.

Throughout time, immigration has been fundamental to the human experience; this issue welcomes contributions that capture the complexity of that experience as they relate to genealogy, family history, and family narratives. Authors are encouraged to think broadly concerning the intersections of immigration and genealogy. Interdisciplinary contributions are especially encouraged (including, but not limited to, those incorporating methodologies from the disciplines of history, anthropology, literary studies, media studies, communication, psychology, and sociology) as well as those which are geographically diverse in subject matter, including transoceanic immigration (i.e., colonialism, 19th century immigration booms), immigration in borderlands regions (i.e., US/Mexico, England/Scotland, France/Germany, etc.) , immigration associated with short-term labor exchange (i.e., the bracero program, postwar immigration from India, Pakistan and the West Indies, immigration and migration following the creation of the European Union), forced immigration (i.e., slavery), the refugee experience (i.e., genealogies of Jewish refugees as well as refugees from Asia, Africa, the former USSR, and elsewhere), and immigration associated with conflict and warfare (i.e., the Norman Conquest, the Crusades, the French and Indian War, the Napoleonic wars, the first and second world war).  

Dr. Thomas Daniel Knight
Guest Editor


  • Genealogy
  • immigration
  • migration
  • family history
  • kinship
  • gender
  • indentity
  • family narratives

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