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Call for Papers
December 1, 2018
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Communication, Middle East History / Studies, Journalism and Media Studies, Eastern Europe History / Studies
We are expecting articles about "Media, Coup and July 15" in Turkey.
Deadline extended!
New deadline : 11.November.2018
Turkey’s two-hundred-year modernization process can be summarized with the concepts of reforms (tanzimat), constitutional monarchy (meşrutiyet) and republic; the notions which refer to a history of building a sociopolitical order for the country’s goals towards power and prosperity.
Losing power and land while confronted with a positioning as “having a grasp of the zeitgeist and comprehending the happenings”, media has been considered as an important factor in the country’s struggle to prevent loses and establish a new regime, as it is associated with the concepts such as knowledge, socialization of knowledge, education, thought, expressing thoughts, news, intellectuals, public opinion, democratic progress and development.
Military has been one of the most invested institutions in order to prevent power and land losses. Established after the abolition of traditional Ottoman military and being one of the important actors of modernization process, modern military paved the way for the formation of a coup tradition in Turkey with the interventions it made forcefully in the political system: Dethronements of Sultan Abdülaziz in 1876 and Sultan Abdühamit II in 1909, raid on the Sublime Porte in 1913, May 27 Coup, March 12 Memorandum, September 12 Coup, February 28 Post-Modern Coup and July 15 Coup Attempt.
Considering the recent two centuries and within the scope of positions and roles of media and military, as well as their interrelation in the modernization process, and the question of coup in Turkey, “Media, Coup and July 15” is determined to be the theme of the special issue of Turkish Review of Communication Studies.
We invite you to contribute to our special issue by sending articles and reviews under the following headings: 1. Military and the tradition of coups in Turkey 2. The relationship between media and military in Turkey 3. The relationship between media and coups in Turkey 4. Media before and after coups in Turkey 5. Academic and intellectual foundations of coups in Turkey 6. Coups and media as a communication management 7. Turkish media and legitimization of coups 8. Representations of coups in media 9. Media in the process preparing July 15 10. New media and July 15 11. The coup attempt in the context of social media and mobile communication technologies 12. The role of media in the failed coup attempt of July 15 13. The attitude of Turkish media after the suppression of July 15 coup attempt 14. Reflections of the coup cases in media 15. International media and the coup
Please submit your articles through our online submission system at DergiPark. For questions and comments, you can contact us via e-mail at iletisimdergi@marmara.edu.tr.
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hediyetullah Aydeniz, Marmara University, Faculty of Communication,