H-Net reviews posted to the web 24 Sep 2018 - 01 Oct 2018

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The following reviews were posted to the H-Net web site between
24 Sep 2018 and 01 Oct 2018.

Reviewed for H-Socialisms by Titus Firmin
   Lynd, Alice; Lynd, Staughton.  _Moral Injury and Nonviolent
   Resistance: Breaking the Cycle of Violence in the Military and
   Behind Bars_.  Oakland: PM Press, 2017.  192 pp.  $17.95, ISBN 978-

Reviewed for H-Asia by Sam Vong
   Nguyen, Phuong Tran.  _Becoming Refugee American: The Politics of
   Rescue in Little Saigon_.  Urbana: University of Illinois Press,
   2017.  236 pp.  $28.00, ISBN 978-0-252-08288-7.

Reviewed for H-War by Paige P. Cone
   Sauer, Frank.  _Atomic Anxiety: Deterrence, Taboo and the Non-Use
   of U.S. Nuclear Weapons_.  Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.
   224 pp.  $72.06, ISBN 978-1-137-53373-9.

Reviewed for H-Diplo by Karen Flynn
   Bhimull, Chandra D..  _Empire in the Air: Airline Travel and the
   African Diaspora_.  Social Transformations in American
   Anthropology Series. New York: New York University Press, 2017.
   224 pp.  $45.00, ISBN 978-1-4798-4347-3.

Reviewed for H-War by Mara Kozelsky
   Kent, Neil.  _Crimea: A History_.  London: Hurst Publishers, 2016.
   Maps. 224 pp.  $29.95, ISBN 978-1-84904-463-9.

Reviewed for H-Midwest by Chelsea Griffis
   Egge, Sara.  _Woman Suffrage and Citizenship in the Midwest, 1870-
   1920_.  Iowa City: University Of Iowa Press, 2018.  242 pp.
   $85.00, ISBN 978-1-60938-557-6.

Reviewed for H-Diplo by Jennifer Mittelstadt
   May, Elaine Tyler.  _Fortress America: How We Embraced Fear and
   Abandoned Democracy_.  New York: Basic Books, 2017.  256 pp.
   $30.00, ISBN 978-0-465-05592-0.

Reviewed for H-War by Curtis Foxley
   Woodward, Jeff.  _Last of the Glow Worms: Memoir of a Nuclear
   Weapons Technician at the End of the Cold War_.  Jefferson:
   McFarland, 2017.  v + 183 pp.  $29.95, ISBN 978-1-4766-7135-2.

Reviewed for H-Albion by Jacqueline Cowan
   Habinek, Lianne.  _Subtle Knot: Early Modern English Literature
   and the Birth of Neuroscience, The_.  Montreal: McGill-Queen's
   University Press, 2018.  304 pp.  $49.95, ISBN 978-0-7735-5318-7.

Reviewed for H-Ideas by Julian Carter
   Bauer, Heike.  _Hirschfeld Archives: Violence, Death, and Modern
   Queer Culture, The_.  Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2017.
   236 pp.  $34.95, ISBN 978-1-4399-1433-5.

Reviewed for H-Disability by Shu Wan
   Kim, Eunjung.  _Curative Violence: Rehabilitating Disability,
   Gender, and Sexuality in Modern Korea_.  Durham: Duke University
   Press, 2017.  Illustrations. xii + 300 pp.  $25.95, ISBN 978-0-

Reviewed for H-Judaic by Jennifer Caplan
   Dauber, Jeremy.  _Jewish Comedy: A Serious History_.  New York: W.
   W. Norton and Company, 2017.  384 pp.  $28.95, ISBN 978-0-393-