Call for Papers MSA Forward Postgraduate Conference 2019 in Madrid, Spain

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Call for Papers
June 25, 2019 to June 27, 2019
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Humanities, Literature, Social Sciences

Call for Papers: MOVING MEMORIES

The field of Memory Studies remains a vibrant field of scholarly, artistic and political engagement.  Memory Studies generally understands the present’s relation to the past as dynamic, entangled, mobile and thus prone to constant re-negotiation. Memories move and are moved. In this sense, the relationship between memory and movement is key to ongoing debates in Memory Studies and will be the focus of the next MSA Forward workshop in Madrid. The theme of movement can be considered from different perspectives. First, it can be linked to social movements and collective mobilizations. This in turn raises questions about the role of memory in the birth, organization and posterity of social movements. Moreover, we can think of the movements of memory both in space – the circulation of memory discourses and actors but also the evolution of the spatial markers of memory – and time, that is the relation between past, present and future. Affect also plays a role in determining how the future is envisaged. Emotions from the past can provoke movements in the present, leading us to consider the moving power of memory through emotions.

We welcome papers from graduate students dealing with the theme of moving memories in its broadest sense. Suggested topics for papers include but are not limited to:

  • The representations and memory produced by social movements
  • Influence of the “memory boom” in the way movements deal with the question of memory
  • Activists’ memory and the memory of activism
  • The role of memory in the building of the future
  • The spatial traces of the past and their movement
  • The influence of emotions arising from memory
  • The role of space and place in the intertwining between emotions and memory

MSA Forward will take place in Madrid on June, 25th2019, and will be followed by the main MSA conference. We invite proposals for 15 min presentations. Each paper will be discussed by a respondent. Please submit your applications (an abstract of 300 words and a short bio, preferably as one pdf file) via our submission system (see below) no later than Dec. 1st, 2018. Acceptance letters will be sent out in February 2019.

Upon acceptance, you will be required to pay the Memory Studies Association main conference fee and will thus be eligible to attend the entire conference. Moreover, participants of MSA Forward are eligible to participate in the methodology and/or teaching workshops which will take place as part of the main conference. We will provide more details soon.

All presenters are requested to become members of the MSA (more information can be found here). Please note that we are currently working on the possibility of offering a limited number of travel grants to participants. If you have already submitted a proposal for the main conference, you can also submit one for MSA Forward, but in case of acceptance you will be asked to choose where to present. 

For further inquiries, please email

Zoé de Kerangat & Julie Lavielle
Co-Organizers 2019

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Hanna Teichler

Goethe University