Technology and the (Post-)Human Condition

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December 3, 2018 to December 7, 2018
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Cultural History / Studies, Digital Humanities, Environmental History / Studies, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Philosophy

This workshop takes on the question of what the future of ‘human’ means, and the bridging of the (post-)humanistic condition with technological and economic advancement. While elaborating on technology as an object of politics, democracy and the public face of science, this workshop seeks to understand: what sort of entanglement of materials and histories occur ‘when species meet’? (c.f. Haraway); how does technologic intermediation occur and how does it define us? (c.f. Hayles); and what sort of agency is present in objects or ‘things’ (c.f. Barad)?

This interdisciplinary workshop is being jointly organized by the departments of Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) and Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering (E&IE) at NIT Silchar (India), and will draw speakers from from a diverse range of disciplines: Medical Sciences, Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, Sociology, Philosophy, Computer Science etc. For details on registration and logistics, check:


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Dr. Avishek Ray | Dr. Munmu Khanra

NIT Silchar (India)