Latin American History Workshop, "Labor, State, Capital: Historical Materialism, Metanarratives, and the Revival of Explanatory Frameworks" (Cornell University)

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Call for Papers
May 2, 2019 to May 5, 2019
New York, United States
Subject Fields: 
Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Graduate Studies

For a generation now, the historiography of Latin America in the North American academy has been defined by the decline of synthetic metanarratives. So, what unites Latin America in a historical explanatory sense? In order to address this problem with a broad historical frame of reference, we structure this workshop around two basic and persistent problems: capitalist development and state formation. To be specific, we look to re-evaluate three objective analytical categories: capital, state, and labor. While we are open to different approaches, we consider a few areas of focus to be particularly pertinent in advancing this discussion: spatial history and historical method; questions of materialism and materiality; and identity and social categorization.


We invite young historians, particularly PhD candidates who are finishing their dissertations and recently graduated PhDs, to participate in this workshop. In anticipation of the workshop, participants will submit and read pre-circulated papers. To help lead the workshop, we will be joined by senior historians of Latin America to participate and comment on papers. Apply by 9 November 2018. For a more detailed description of the event and how to apply please visit our website.