HRC17Taiwan Conference International Conference on Human Resources & Talent Management

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December 21, 2017 to December 22, 2017
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Business History / Studies, Human Rights, Social Work

Dear & Esteemed Colleagues,

The International Conference on Human Resources & Talent Management (HRC17Taiwan Conference) will be held in Taipei, Taiwan.

You are cordially invited to submit your research manuscripts/case studies in all areas of research in business studies. In addition to paper presentations and focused discussions, we do organize invited lectures on selected topics matching with the conference theme and topics related to Human Resources and Talent Management.

Panel Discussion!

Topic: Making your employee a great ‘team player!’ Your role as a mentor!!

A 15% Group Discount on the ‘registration fee’ available for a group comprising three members. (Not applicable to one-day attendance).
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Please submit your manuscripts/case studies in any of the areas/topics indicated below:


Delegates may submit their research abstracts/full paper/case studies from the following areas or closely-related areas.

Collective Bargaining & Negotiations, Compensation & Competition, Conflict Resolution, Corporate Strategy, Cross-functional Teams, Culture, Diversity and Equality, Employee Engagement, Employee Motivation, Employee Relations, Employment Law, Entrepreneurship & Management, Groups, Teams & Teamwork, Health, Safety and Well-being, Hiring-Best Practices, Leadership, Learning, Training and Development, Management and Business Skills, Managing Economic Crisis, Organizational Change, Performance Management, Recruitment, Reward & Motivation, Succession Planning, Talent Management, Team Building, Time Management, Workforce Analytics, Work-life Balance, Workplace Diversity.

(The topics given are just suggestive in nature. You may feel free to submit manuscripts on related topics in your area of specialization.)


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