Volume 6 of Recreation and Society in Africa, Asia and Latin America

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African History / Studies, Asian History / Studies, Atlantic History / Studies, Race Studies, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies


It is with much enthusiasm that we announce that Volume 6: "Race and Inequality in Recreation" of the peer-reviewed academic journal Recreation and Society in Africa, Asia and Latin America (RASAALA) has been published and is accessible via the following link: https://journal.lib.uoguelph.ca/index.php/rasaala/issue/view/267


The following is the table of contents:


Preface: Race and Inequality in Recreation

Dannelle Gutarra Cordero


BRICS, Bats, and Balls: Nation Building, Sporting Diplomacy, and the Politics of Mega-Sporting Events in the BRICS Countries

Derek Catsam


The Impact of Racial Inequality on the Pursuit of Mountain-Based Leisure among Black Recreation-Seekers in Cape Town, South Africa, 1910-1969

Farieda Khan


The Mansions and the Streets: Brazilian Cultural Tourism Development and the Architecture of Inclusion

Evan Ward


We are currently accepting submissions for Volume 7 of RASAALA, tentatively titled “Unnatural Disasters: Climate Change, Displacement, and Recreation.” Please send your submission (a maximum of 25 double-spaced pages) to the Chief Editor of RASAALA, Dr. Dannelle Gutarra Cordero (Princeton University), at dgutarra@princeton.edu by November 30, 2018.


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