CFP for SfAA 2019-- Cultivating Care: Anthropologists and Rural Health

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Call for Papers
September 28, 2018
Oregon, United States
Subject Fields: 
Anthropology, Health and Health Care, Public Health, Research and Methodology, Rural History / Studies


We welcome your interest in serving on a roundtable at this year’s SfAA in Portland, OR (March 19th – March 23rd) on anthropological methods in community engaged work and rural health issues.


Interested roundtable participants are encouraged to submit their CV and a brief explanation of their work (5-8 sentences) with community engaged methods and/or rural health by Friday, September 28th.


ROUNDTABLE ABSTRACT: Anthropologists have witnessed greater public attention regarding health disparities in rural America. Rural areas struggle with a prevalence of poor health at rates which eclipse their urban counterparts in multiple domains. Anthropologists play unique roles in bringing color to the representations of rural Americans, in part because of community engaged research methods. Yet, we are often as isolated in our efforts as the rural communities we seek to help. This roundtable brings together rural health anthropologists to discuss the challenges and values of such work to wrangle the turbulence existing at the interstices of community engagement research and rural health.


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