Political Violence in Syria: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

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September 13, 2018 to September 14, 2018
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Political Science, Arabic History / Studies, Middle East History / Studies, Area Studies, Contemporary History

Political Violence in Syria: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives


Thursday 13 September 2018
15:00 Welcoming Remarks
15:10 Keynote: Lisa Wedeen, “On Uncertainty: Fake News, Post-Truth, and the Question of Judgment in Syria”
16:30 Opening panel on new research areas: Fred Lawson, Roschanack Shaery, Uğur Üngör

Friday 14 September 2018 (Location: Drift 21, room Sweelinckzaal)

9:30-11:00, Panel I: Historical and Conceptual Perspectives
Seda Altuğ, “Beyond sectarianism: Political violence in Syria under the French mandate”
Aurora Sottimano, “Constructing Suriyat al-Asad: the power of violence, the violence of power”
Ali Hamdan, “Rethinking Center and Periphery in Syria's Conflict”

11:00 Coffee

11:15-12:45, Panel II: Case Studies
Ali al-Jasem, “From protest movement to insurgency: Aleppo between 2011 and 2013”
Joschka Wessels, “Syrian regime violence in villages of Aleppo Province: war memories and testimonials of Little Waterfall and Rasm al Nafl”
Esther Meininghaus, “Strategies of totalitarian governance in the Syrian war: The case of Eastern Ghouta”
Siham al-Atassi, “The Role of Business Elites in the Syrian Conflict: A Class Analysis”

12:45 Lunch

14:00-15:30, Panel III: Forms of Violence
James Worrall, “Methods in the Madness? Exploring the Logics of Torture in Syrian Counterinsurgency Practices”
Samer Jabbour, “Violence against healthcare in Syria: Patterns, meanings, implications”
Harout Akdedian, “The Political Functions of Violence and Total Enmity in Syria”

15:30 Coffee

15:45-17:15, Panel IV: Space and Contestation
José Martinez, “Stifling Stateness: The Assad Regime’s Campaign Against Rebel Governance”
Marina Calculli, “The necropolitics of the siege: the use of ‘useless’ bodies in the Syrian conflict”
Kholoud Helmi, “Forced displacement between Eastern and Western Ghouta, 2016-2018”

17:30 End


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Dr. Uğur Ümit Üngör, Utrecht University

Dr. Roschanack Shaery, University of Antwerp

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