Call for Manuscripts: Youth in a Globalizing World (BRILL)

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Call for Publications
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Anthropology, Childhood and Education, Social Sciences, Sociology

Specialists of adolescence and youth tend to consider these life stages as valuable barometers of social change. Indeed, new trends in society can be observed through the prism of young people who today find themselves under the spotlight as never before. At the same time, all over the planet, tremendous changes in everyday life can be witnessed currently. The main reason for a book series focused on adolescence and youth from an international perspective is due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of the emergence of transnational shared practices, values, norms, behaviors, cultures and patterns among young people all over the globe. 

The aim of this book series is to be a forum for discussion and exchanges, a space for intellectual creativity on all questions relating to youth in a globalizing world. It also provides a valuable and much-needed crucible for comparative studies on youth from an international perspective. Its spirit is to be open to new suggestions coming from research in the social sciences. From an epistemological stance, what kind of concepts do sociologists of youth need in order to understand changes? Are classical sociological concepts on youth still useful and relevant? What kind of perspectives could be more suitable? 

Because this book series is situated within a mainstream research framework, we welcome original leading works written in a manner that is accessible to a wider audience. 

Submissions of an interdisciplinary nature are strongly encouraged. 

Special proposal criteria 
All proposals must include the following. If a proposal lacks any of these elements, it will be returned. 
1) Table of contents 
2) Prospectus 
3) One-page summary of each chapter 
4) Working bibliography 

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts by email to the publisher Jason Prevost at


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