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Call for Papers
September 15, 2018
Colorado, United States
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Cultural History / Studies, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Architecture and Architectural History, Historic Preservation, Fine Arts

Call For Papers - Proposals due by 15 September 2018


For the 2019 American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference

Denver, 21–23 March 2019


We remind participants that all geographical areas of late 17th to early 19th century are welcome, and stress that ASECS has a strong tradition of interdiciplinarity. 


Session: Collecting Studies for the Twenty-First Century: Circulation and Disruption

Anne Nellis Richter (American University), arichter@american.edu

Bénédicte Miyamoto (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3),



The discipline of collecting studies has long focused on the acquisition of objects and the development of prestigious European collections in a period when collectors often represented their collections as perennial documents of family history and unfaltering taste. In honor of ASECS’ 50th anniversary, this panel is intended to take stock of the state of collecting studies and look forward to the new avenues opened up by considering the circulation of art, antiquities and furniture due to personal, political or social upheaval, and to intensifying art market dynamics shaped by war, revolution, and empire. As dealers, auctioneers, and collectors took advantage of such opportunities, modern practices of collecting and displaying art were shaped. What strategies of classification, attribution, provenance and display did an increasingly international art market foster, and what professional or institutional ethos informed these new models? We invite the studies of local to transnational circulation of artefacts from any disciplinary perspective (including material culture, art history, visual studies, museum studies, art market studies, and social history). This panel is designed to continue the 2017 panel “Art Markets: Agents, Dealers, Auctions, Collectors” by Wendy Wassyng Roworth (University of Rhode Island).




Session Program Guidelines

Proposals for papers should be sent directly to the session organizers no later than 15 September 2018, along with any audio-visual needs and special scheduling requests. Session organizers will be required to confirm that all equipment requests are essential to the purpose of the session. Equipment requests or changes made after 30 September 2018 may not be accommodated.

The Society’s rules permit members to present only one paper at the meeting. Members may, in addition to presenting a paper, serve as a session chair, a respondent, or a panel discussant, but they may not present a paper at sessions they chair. No member may appear more than twice in the program (excluding plenaries and the Innovative Course Design Competition).

Anyone who submits a paper proposal to more than one session must notify the organizers of all sessions involved. Otherwise, session chairs may decide among themselves in which session the paper will be presented or whether the paper will be excluded entirely.

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Bénédicte Miyamoto, Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Institut du monde Anglophone.