Northern Montana Interdisciplinary Conference

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January 25, 2019 to January 27, 2019
Montana, United States
Subject Fields: 
Cultural History / Studies, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Sport History / Studies, Social History / Studies, Native American History / Studies

Montana State University – Northern, College of Arts, Sciences, and Education is proud to announce the inaugural Northern Montana Interdisciplinary Conference (NMIC)


Conference Date: January 25-26, 2019

Deadline for Proposals: October 31, 2018

Theme: “Memory”

The Northern Montana Interdisciplinary Conference (NMIC) at Montana State University -Northern in Havre, MT, is currently accepting proposals for 15-20 minute presentations from individuals and panels, as well as round table proposals and creative pieces. This year’s conference theme is MEMORY. This theme encourages argument-driven papers and presentations that explore any aspects of memory and its relationship to areas of cultural, literary, artistic, historical, or scientific disciplines.

We encourage a variety of approaches to these areas of inquiry, including (but not limited to):

  • Memory and Performance
  • Explorations of Memory in Literature or Art
  • Interdisciplinary Studies (ex. Science and Literature)
  • Political and Historical Change in How We Understand and Express Memory
  • Cultural Differences in Understanding and Expressing Memory
  • Public vs. Private Memory
  • Memory Testing
  • Memorization Tactics and Habits
  • Memory Loss and Memory Disorders
  • Sports Medicine & Memory
  • Role of Memory in PTSD
  • Constructed Memory or False Memory

NCIM welcomes proposals from a wide range of research focuses. Possible research areas include (but are not limited to): literature and poetry, creative writing, linguistics, written and visual rhetoric, journalism, narrative and documentary film, music, television, radio, news and social media, history, historical narratives, studies of Indigenous peoples, performance studies, criminal justice, medical professions (including neuroscience), sports research, and pedagogy within these fields.

If you are interested in presenting at the conference, please submit 200-500 word proposals by October 31, 2018, to Include a cover page with your name, institutional affiliation (if applicable), student, faculty, or independent scholar status, email, and phone number. Please put NMIC PROPOSAL in the subject line.

  • Panel proposals should include a brief overview of the panel’s theme and purpose, along with an abstract for each paper. 
  • Round table proposals should include a brief overview of the panel’s theme or scope, along with a cover page listing all presenters.
  • Creative writing proposals should include a full text of the piece or pieces to be presented, along with a cover page

Anyone interested in offering a more interactive workshop should contact the Conference Chair prior to submitting a proposal.

Contact Info: 

Dr. Valerie Guyant

Montana State University-Northern

Havre, MT 59501

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