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We are excited to announce the launch of Sexing History, a new podcast that examines how the history of sexuality shapes present day cultures and politics.

This podcast, the first of its kind, is hosted by historians Gillian Frank and Lauren Gutterman. Sexing History uses oral histories, archival sound clips, commentary and analysis, and interviews with other scholars in the field to tell compelling stories about the past to illuminate our present.

Our first episode looks at the story of Aaron Fricke. In 1980, Aaron sued his Rhode Island school district after they prohibited him from bringing his same-sex partner to prom. We are delighted that Aaron shared his story with us and you can access the episode on our website.

The second episode, which will be released later this month, tells the story of Dr. Kenneth Edelin, an African American abortion provider in 1970s Boston.

You can subscribe to our podcasts through iTunes,, Feedburner,, and Stitcher,, and please head over to our website,, for more information or to get a sneak peak of future episodes.


Sexing History

Gillian Frank--host and co-creator
Lauren Gutterman--host and co-creator
Rebecca L Davis--producer and story editor
Saniya Lee Ghanoui--producer
Devin McGeehan Muchmore--producer