CALL FOR CHAPTER PROPOSALS: Book Project on Patriarchy and Gender in Africa

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Call for Papers
September 30, 2018
Georgia, United States
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Sexuality Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies, African History / Studies


Book Project on Patriarchy and Gender in Africa


Globally, males disproportionately predominate leadership roles and exert power in diverse forms of social systems and institutions. Patriarchy, the supremacy of fatherhood whereby women and children rely totally on male line, is entrenched in many societies around the world. Differential enjoyment of rights and dignity predetermined for women and men, based on their social, cultural and legal disposition, typify gender inequality. Patriarchy and gender inequality are two important but complex and debatable issues facing the African continent today. Argued to be the main cause of gender inequality, patriarchy plagues Africa in spite of immense progress made in the last two decades to address the prolonged impacts of gender injustice and male dominance. On the occasion of the 15thanniversary of the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa, we announce a call for chapter proposals to critically analyze the situation of girls and women in Africa. To assess the state, role and impact of patriarchy and gender inequality on African girls and women, we seek broad themes of Patriarchy and Gender. We welcome papers from all disciplines that address the following, but not limited to:


· the roots and foundations of patriarchy and gender in different societies and cultures in Africa;

· the expressions of femininities and masculinities in religion (e.g., African Traditional Religion, Christian, Islam and others);

· power relations among, between and within the sexes;

· traditional and non-traditional roles of gender; 

· issues of domestic, family and personal violence;

· various social factors affecting patriarchal and gender institutions;

· issues of gender identities, gender expressions, gender relations, and gender roles;

· inter-connections between patriarchy, gender inequality, and violent extremism in Africa;

· existing gaps and opportunities for policy, law and social reform in gender justice; and

· empirical research and case studies on regional and sub-regional best practices and solutions to addressing patriarchy and gender inequality. 


Other issues related to patriarchy and gender are most welcome with particular regard to an examination of major issues relevant to the above themes for the purpose of contributing to deeper understanding of patriarchy and gender inequality, as well as, developing long-term solutions to the problem at stake.


Guided by the core objectives of the African Studies Research Forum (ASRF), we aim for a comprehensive coverage of the African continent in our search for well-researched papers to generate knowledge on reforming discriminatory laws, benefitting human-centered public policies, promoting best practices, harnessing research rigor, and expanding academic scholarship beyond the African continent. Selected papers will be published under “The ASRF’s Book Series.”


Submission Guidelines

Chapter Proposal: All chapter proposal must contain the following: i) topic (12 words maximum), ii) name, iii) institutional affiliation, iv) a brief description of the chapter (300-500 words maximum), and v) keywords (a maximum of five). 

Submission Deadline:30 September 2018

First Chapter Draft:31 December 2018

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