New: Issue 15 (Journal on African Philosophy)

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African American History / Studies, African History / Studies, Human Rights, Literature, Philosophy

The peer-reviewed, subscription-based Journal on African Philosophy has published Issue 15. Articles in this issue: the late Kenyan philosopher and creator of Sage Philosophy, Odera Oruka; Eurocentric assumptions about the concept of nation using the sixteenth-century Oromo polity as historical leverage; gender relations and impact on women's decision making autonomy in Nigeria; indigenous African philosophical systems' conception of human, and the philosophy of the "Gacaca Council" in post-genocide Rwanda; and Èsù, the Yorùbá orisha as a framework to explore what is African in philosophy, and what is philosophy as African. This excellent issue is a great asset to anyone teaching philosophy, those interested in insider perspectives, as well as those sensitive to issues of knowledge production. Journal on African Philosophy is a great addition to your syllabus and class.

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