African and Africana Philosophers in Conversation (A Series by Journal on African Philosophy)

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Philosophy, African History / Studies, African American History / Studies, Humanities

The peer-reviewed Journal on African Philosophy (JAP) has published Issue 16. It is the second issue of the new series in JAP to highlight, engage, and celebrate African and Africana philosophers. One of the things this series does is to examine how foundational elements of African and Africana philosophy can serve as a tool to evaluate the changing times both at the personal and organizational level. In other words, we want to know, how do we do this philosophy beyond words and theories?

This issue includes interviews with Frederick Ochieng'-Odhiambo, John Ayotunde Isola Bewaji, George Yancy, Dwayne Tunstall, John H. McClendon, Paul C. Taylor, James Haile III, Frank M. Kirkland, Leonard Harris, and Alfred Prettyman.

The editorial is free to read.

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